About us



started teaching in his parents shed when he was 15 and has been teaching ever since. Stefan always had lessons from the best drummers in the Netherlands and went to Ireland in 2017 to study with Mark Guiliana (David Bowie), Mike Johnston (one of the world's best teachers) and Ash Soan ( Adele/Seal and many more). In 2018 he went to study with Benny Greb in Germany in a all drumteacher drum camp.

Stefan has been in the TOP 5 drum teachers of the Benelux for 5 years in a row according to the Slagwerkkrant and in 2015 was even voted the number 1 in the Benelux.

In addition to teaching, Stefan is co-founder and creator of the company Bèta-Development, which includes Leerlingenpagina.nl and the TINYRHYTHMBOX! In short, always looking for ways to help his students get better.



Oscar has a background in IT. Over the past 20 years he has executed various assignments for both large business entrepreneurs and SMEs. Yet something was missing. When his two children got drum lessons at Stefan it became clear that he wanted to use his expertise to provide students of all ages maximum and smart support in learning how to make and play music.