What Is TINYRHYTHMBOX and how does it work?

After teaching for a couple of years I noted that a lot of not only students but drummers and musicians in general have the habit of sticking to a couple of time patterns they know and you would hear those come back in a lot of the fills and phrases they play. I wanted to find a way to help and force my students to look past the patterns they know in a simple way and that’s when I started developing what is now the TINYRHYTHMBOX method.  

TINYRHYTHMBOX consists of three different types of cards recognizable by the different colored logo on the back. The blue and basic cards contain the entire GRID system so every way we can play one count with quarter, eight and sixteenth notes. The red cards are the same but with triplets and the yellow cards are what we call the BEATMAKERS. This means we took the most played patterns times four to help you create more than just a random pattern but create full drumbeats and more!

You will also find a number on every card which suggest the difficulty level of that count so a beginner can start of by selecting only cards with a 1 and later add the cards with a 2 to make it fit to your level of playing. This truly makes TINYRHYTHMOX a creative tool for many years to come. 

By combining TINYRHYTHMBOX cards we are able to create unique patterns every time, which can be translated to thousands of exercises to create fills, beats, technique and independence exercises and everything in between!

I created over 2 hours of 10 minute online lessons using TINYRHYTHMBOX to help you get started on these type of exercises right away, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.