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By combining TINYRHYTHMBOX cards you create unique patterns, which can be translated to thousands of exercises to create fills, beat and more.

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A TINYRHYTHMBOX consists of 54 cards with every way you can play a one count rhythmic pattern with quarter, eight, sixteenth and triplet notes. Besides the normal TINYRHYTHMBOX cards and the triplet TINYRHYTHMBOX cards you also get a set of what we call the “Beatmakers”. Beatmakers are the most common rhythmic patterns times four so you can also lay down steady grooves, for example in your hihat while you use the basic cards to create your unique beats. These other type of cards are recognisable by the different coloured logo on the back of the cards. This makes combining even easier!

This is our first and basic card deck, the best place to start your journey with this new way of creating music! Once you start to combine these with our expansion packs to possibilities really become ENDLESS!

Drummer, teacher and designer of TINYRHYTHMBOX Stefan van de Brug, shot over 2 hours of online lessons using the TINYRHYTHMBOX to help you get started on your journey! You will learn how to create beats, fills, independence and technique exercises using your very own TINYRHYTHMBOX.

Tinyrhythmbox on snare

TINYRHYTHMBOX comes in a nice carefree and long lasting small bag so you can bring your TINYRHYTHMBOX everywhere without having to worry about durability, the cards are designed to last!

All produced environmentally friendly and designed, produced and shipped from The Hague, The Netherlands!

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