At TINYRHYTHMBOX, our mission is to help all drummers to have more freedom and creativity on the drums by forcing you out of your habits and usual patterns.

By combining TINYRHYTHMBOX cards we are able to create unique patterns every time, which can be translated to thousands of exercises to create fills, beats, technique and independence exercises and everything in between!

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I’ve been playing drums for many years now and found it’s very easy to get stuck in the same ol’ patterns I have become familiar with when practicing.
Enter the TinyRythmbox! A series of cards with different patterns which can be combined to make fills, rythyms, ostinato’s, whatever you can come up with.
TinyRythmbox helps me to come up with new challenges and it sparks my creativity at the same time!

Ivar de Graaf, Within Temptation and drum teacher

" TINYRHYTHMBOX is a great, playful tool that gives you all sorts of possibilities to create on every musical level. Stefan's lessons really help you to get started as a beginning drummer and also show advanced drummers how diverse these cards can be used to create! "

Jonas Nieuwenbroek, Student Conservatorium Utrecht and Drumteacher

Last Sunday, I bought a 'TinyRhythmBox' at the drum fair in Hasselt. With this incredibly handy card game, I can test my students rhythmic knowledge and stimulate their creativity. What I love about the TinyRhythmBox is that your students can build fills and grooves in a playful way! A must have for every music teacher!

Sven Bloemen, drumteacher and owner of decentdrumt.be

The TINYRHYTHMBOX, is one of the best tools I've used for teaching. It mixes the serious lessons with a fun game like charm. I love the atmosphere it creates when teaching children and I enjoy every minute of using them. I Highly recommend them and found they are a pleasure to work with.

Clare Martyn, Winner Hit Like A Girl contest 2018, drum teacher, RIA RUA

#ThuRsdayBeat with Koen Herfst ( drummer for Armin van Buuren )


• Improve your ability to read music

• Improve your creativity on the drums in a playful way

• Stop playing the same fills over and over!

• Train yourself to be able to play whatever you want to play 

• Never start practicing without inspiration!

• A method where you create your own exercises, we just give you a solid base to start!

• Train your physical and musical independence






All lessons are filmed and all TINYRHYTHMBOXes are shipped from Drumschool Stefan van de Brug.

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